About Us

Fariss Farms is a family endeavor that has deep roots to the property it is operating today. My father (Bruce) and I work constantly to create a unique mountain escape for all of those who visit. We are both enamored with the Blue Ridge Mountains of Allisonia, Virginia. We find sanctuary in the hills and love to share the experience with others.

My Father has had the vision all along as he worked relentlessly since 1985 to renovate structure after structure in the area with a dream of one day sharing them with the world. Since early childhood I have helped my father with every project and have become just as smitten with the area as he is.

The Fariss Farms property has been transformed into a park-like atmosphere nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We are currently operating a producing wine-grape vineyard and renting mountain cabins and will open a Winery in 2016.

We all refer to this area as “The Creek” and until you have witnessed The Creek, the emotions aroused are indescribable. We look forward to seeing you and showing you the virtues of the mountains and escaping the fast pace of the rest of the world.
Adam Fariss